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MBR plant

Membrane costs

The costs of  membrane are more transparent nowadays with more membrane manufacturers competing in the market .  It's had to believe that the manufacturers didn't want to give membrane quotations to some small contractors ten years ago.

RO membrane elements are easily available in online store  A small home RO membrane costs only  $26. A Dow 4"×40" Filmtec TW30 membrane element costs about  $230.

A Hydranautics CPA5-LD 8"x40" membrane element costs $654 for bulk order in The cost of unit square meter membrane is less than $16.

MBR plant

Unit cost of Membrane Technology for Particulate Removal and Reverse Osmosis for Drinking Water

Design water treatment capacity Unit cost
m3/d US$ / (m3/d)
3785 614
7570 539
11355 500
15140 474
18925 455
22710 440
26495 427
30280 417
34065 408
37850 400

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